Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Semester is Coming to an End

Well the semester is coming to an end and I for the first time in my college career had to drop a class, which I get to do over this summer UGH.  This semester has been a huge challenge for me, I had to start working more hours because of the lack of child support. I ended up having to work about 35-40 hours while going to school full-time it proved to be a challenge. But my classes are coming along ok, they could be better if I didn't have to work but I have others to provide for and have to ensure that they ARE provided for.

I did end up changing my major, yeah I did...although nursing is a great career it is ultra hard to get into, if I had all the time in world to study it would not be a huge issue. So remembering what my ultimate goal is I changed it to bachelors of science in genomics, my ultimate goal is to become a medical investigator and to work in the medical examiners office.  I am looking very forward to my down time this summer and with only the one art class to make up which I had already down 1/2 the work, and a son dying to go to the museum with me I hope to regain my focus for next year.

My next hurdle is to meet with the science dean and to lay out some ground work so I am not stuck taking stuff again that I don't need. I hope to be able to get together with him soon and get some questions answered that a normal advisor could not seem to answer. That way I can have a clear path and don't feel left just treading water again.

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