Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two more weeks and I am done

Well I am down to 3 more regular micro classes and 2 labs left before finals and I will be done with this semster...YEAH! We will celebrate by going to the Yankees v. Rangers game on Mom's Day :D

I am pondering more and more how to deal with my ex and his lying to the children and his ability to make himself out to be the perfect victim. For example my daughter is so proud of her father for getting his first paycheck at his new job after being unemployeed and unable to pay child support for almost 4 months. Its like they are so proud of him growing up again for the 30th time since they have been born and getting another job...way to be an adult. But no he makes it out to always to be the victim of getting fired, he never does anything wrong, how will this play out when they group up? Will he still be the victim or will they get it?

He hasn't even seen the kids since Jan. 2nd but ohh no they aren't mad at him "he has to catch up on bills" and I am sure buy his vices. By catch up on bills I mean everything but child support, but don't worry I am working more and more hours to make up for his lack. I don't feel comfortable backing down on my hours and going to school full-time again, therefore getting my degree in about half the time, because I am not confident in how long this job will last.  Did I mention he has worked for this company BEFORE? Oh yeah and was fired from them too!

Its all frustrating and I know the kids desperately want their dad to be their hero but they take all their frustration out on me and all their anger is directed to me because I am the safe one, the one who is always here. But I am so tired of it. I am constantly ignoring comments and refusing to engage in arguments. I wish counseling was the answer but with what time? I wish calgon would come and take me away for a weekend!

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