Saturday, June 4, 2011


frustrate- verb; to induce feelings of discouragement in

Sometimes being a single mom with teenagers is by far the most frustrating thing imaginable.  Sometimes being the safe parent that your child takes out his frustration on is a blessing. Let me explain a very wise friend of mine explained early on that my children attack me verbally because I am safe, they know I am not going anywhere. Yes they might act happier around their other parent but deep down they are not sure if he will always be there.

So while I would love for my children to always be happy around me and pretend I am the coolest parent, I think it is a blessings to be in the position I am in. Frustration is an emotion I constantly struggle with and always have, as a little baby I was told I would get so mad because I couldn't do something.  But I think frustration did become a blessing late in my marriage, if not for my frustration with my ex I would have never left. Frustration is a sense I have become keenly aware if I get frustrated with a relationship I know its time is limited.


  1. I came across your blog via Circle of Moms! I’m a newly single mother of two that runs half marathons in my spare time and I look forward to learning from you … as I try to balance everything.
    Thanks for putting your thoughts out there for others to learn from!

  2. Aw frustration... yes... a word I know all too well. But you're right, it can definitely be a blessing. Or at least I HOPE so when my precious 6 year old becomes a *gasp!* teenager!!! lol. Great job, Mom. Glad you are the "safe" parent... that's a good place to be!! :-)